Will Xero’s New Payroll Features Make Cloud Bookkeeping Even Easier?

Xero has become a very useful tool in aiding cloud bookkeeping along its evolutionary path. As with all software, things can only improve, and Xero has done just that this year. Now they’ve added a payroll feature that’s making the process easier than it ever has been for keeping books. With various new payroll features to back that up, will it make this software a leading tool for businesses everywhere?

Considering how complex payroll used to be before the age of software and even during, it gives another reason why cloud bookkeeping may soon be standard for everyone.

What Sets Xero’s Payroll Features Apart from Others

While other software usually provides payroll features, Xero is taking it forward by employing the benefits of the cloud, plus automated features never attempted before.

A very notable feature is the simplicity aspect to Xero’s payroll page that can be accessed at the press of a tab. All the payroll features are consolidated in its own section for separate attention. But considering how much private information is going to be in there, you might be concerned about security.

Fortunately, security is one of the new features that Xero improved compared to the risk of other software. Using the cloud, new security measures have been added that ensure all those Social Security numbers and other private financial data aren’t compromised. This should give those who’ve been sitting on the fence about cloud security a little more peace of mind when deciding to move away from paperless bookkeeping.

Outstanding Automation Features

It’s the automation features that Xero added that really give it a new edge. They’ve made the accounting and payroll sides interconnected to avoid any discrepancies between the two. Through automation, you don’t have to worry about the mistake of double entries. There’s also an automatic deduction on the accounting page when payments are made. You can even connect the payroll page to numerous other business applications so nothing has to be done separately.

Another unique automated innovation is the ability to process time off requests from your employees. Using an app feature, a company can now keep track of when certain employees will be taking time off. For employees who might try to cheat the system, the database will keep better track of when that time off is supposed to take place and how long. Vacation time is also automatically calculated so the proper amount accrued can be paid accurately.

Then there’s one of the most useful tools you’ll ever find: Automated calculation of your federal and state payroll taxes. As with other software, it also files them electronically to save time and paper.

These are some of the exceptional features that are found in the improved Xero and used in part here at First Business Partners. We’re here to help get businesses better organized in their bookkeeping and to get away from the potential mess that can be made using Quickbooks.

Contact us and we’ll show you more of the benefits of bookkeeping in the cloud. We’ll also prove how working with us through the cloud can bring a better transparency and efficiency you’ve never had with a previous bookkeeper.